Prometheus' Erbe

by Theater Feuerblau
performer: Klaus Seewald
sound design: Gerhard Nierhaus (2014)
(additionally some of my previous compositions were used for the performance)
commission: Theater Feuerblau (2014)

photo by Sebastian Patter

Prometheus (cutout):


Short animation for the 50th anniversary gala of the University for Music and Performing Arts (KUG), Graz/Austria (2013)
sound design/composition, concept: Gerhard Nierhaus.
sound inspired animation & animation artwork: Jörg Vogeltanz (Institute for Stage Design/KUG)


24 city one-minutes - Graz/Austria

city one-minutes (cityoneminutes) are presenting live in cities all over the world by 24 one minute portraits, each  depicticting one hour of the day.  Every film is a personal impression of the city in which the artist lives or in which he is staying.

video artists: 
Klaus Pamminger (A), Lotte Schreiber (A), XXkunstkabel (A), Lea Titz (A), Martina Mezak / Josip Zanki (HR), Franck H Perrot (F)
music: Gerhard Nierhaus (A) (2011)
performing artists (A):
Flavius Argyelan, Michaela Herman, Anna Kleinsasser, Roman Klug, Lisa Liska, Wolfgang Löffler, Aurelia Meinhart, Ida Pernthaler und William Süll. 

Produced and commissioned by Next-Verein für zeitgenössische Kunst (nextkunst) in the framework of the EU-project citybooks.
project leader and concept: Luise Kloos (A) 
commission: EU project "citybooks" (2011)            



choreography: Darrel Toulon
performers: Graz opera house dance ensemble
music: Gerhard Nierhaus (2009)
commission: Opera House Graz/Austria (2009)


previous cooperations with Darrel Toulon: Mutabor

choreography: Darrel Toulon
performers: dancers from the alpha group
music: Gerhard Nierhaus (2005)
commission: 1. Steirisches Künstlerfest (2005)


cutouts from this piece were also used by the company for the performances:

timeextensions and just 30 minutes:



choreography: Darrel Toulon
performers: Julia Mach and performers from the Graz opera house dance ensemble
music (Aluminaut): Gerhard Nierhaus (2005)
commission: AVL (2005)

The piece was also used by Luise Kloos for her video Bayanihan (2006/2007)


Concept: Christina Medina & Thomas Melde
Choreography: Christina Medina with the dance artists
Music (Kulintang): Gerhard Nierhaus (2008)
commission: @tendance (2008)
description (in German)

photos by C. Spari

Kulintang (cutout):



by Internationale Bühnenwerkstatt
dancers: Darrel Toulon, Claudia Fürnholzer, Valentina Moar, Boštjan Ivanjšič
voice: Darrel Toulon
commission: Internationale Bühnenwerkstatt (2011)
description (in German)
music: Gerhard Nierhaus (2011)
description (in German)

Valerntina Moar and Boštjan Ivanjšič; photo by Christian Lapp

Flow 1 (cutout):

Flow 2 (cutout):


Lost Places-Found and Condensed Time

installation: Lore Heuermann
music (im Fluss): Gerhard Nierhaus
part of  “Erben erobern“  (Steirischer Herbst 2004)
commission: Steirischer Herbst (2004)
description (in German)

photos by Lore Heuermann

Im Fluss (cutout):


Adams Garden

dancer/choreographer: Moe Yamamoto
installation: Luise Kloos
music (Adams Garden): Gerhard Nierhaus (2007)

Adams Garden (cutout):



video: Franck H Perrot (2013)
music (Jetzt Hier): Gerhard Nierhaus (2000)
commission (Jetzt Hier): Manuskripte Zeitschrift für Literatur, Schauspielhaus Graz (2000)



installation: Luise Kloos
dancer: Igor Sviderski
music (Modelle 1): Gerhard Nierhaus (2003)
commission: 9. Internationales artists in residence Projekt, Ziegelwerk Wolf, Andritz (2009)

Modelle 1 (cutout):



choreography, dance: Klaudia Reichenbacher
video: Astrid Becksteiner
music: Gerhard Nierhaus
commission: Theater Kaendace (1999)

Peri (cutout):


Velocity Particles

video: Rivka Rinn (1996)
music: Gerhard Nierhaus (1996)
commission: Georg-Kolbe-Museum, Berlin
still images from "Velocity Particles" from catalogue of exhibition: Rivka Rinn "Time Station"

velocity particles (cutout):


Tochter der Mondin

(stage project after a nordic myth for children)
direction: Edith Draxl
music: Gerhard Nierhaus
commission: Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten (1996)

cutout (Geburt):


Die blaue Blume und der rote Schuh

(stage project dedicated to the era of early movies)
direction: Edith Draxl
music: Gerhard Nierhaus
commission: Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten (1998)

cutout (Zarah - transformation of Zarah Leander's "Kann denn Liebe Süde sein?"):


Figurentheater 1993

(student's project: University of Music and Performing Arts, institutes of stage design and composition)

Nachtflut (cutout):